Social Corporate Responsibility


E&A Pure Beauty is committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural environment.

"Think different, think green!"

We use environmentally friendly materials, encouraging customers to reuse them and ultimately recycle them!

• Box
• Protective bubble wrap
• Vacuum storage bag
• E&A Pure Beauty stickers 
• Wrapping paper
• String
• Packaging tape
• Envelope and accompanying papers



In an effort to contribute to the reduction of environmental risks and energy saving, all members of our staff use reprintable paper and environmentally friendly stationery.

In our effort to limit the use of electricity, we have replaced all light bulbs with low consumption ones.

The entire building is equipped with recycling bins.

Our goal is to support all related actions, methods and projects and we are conducting further research into the latest technology developments.



 Our company offers donations to rehabilitation institutes for drug addicts, animal shelters and non-profitable organizations for underprivileged shildren.