HAIR & BODY WASH, Rosemary Nettle Sage 90g
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    Our toopure shampoo bar is packed with nettle and marshmallow (althaea officinalis) root powder. Both of these plants are well known and have been used for centuries for hair care. Nettle powder is a natural hair fortifier as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. It helps against dandruff and restores natural hair beauty. Marshmallow softens and works as a conditioner for the hair.

    Green clay purifies and cleanses the scalp and helps to fight dandruff.

    This coconut and olive Shampoo Bar provides gentle care for your hair made from 100% plant ingredients, without single-use plastic. Make a difference in the world and in your daily routine with our high-quality water-free solid shampoo bar. Great looking hair without wasting a drop.

    With large amounts of strong bubbling oils, such as castor and coconut oils, to effectively lift and separate hairstrands and to attach to grime, allowing it to be washed away. 
    Naturally scented with essential oils of Sage and Peppermint

    Experience a bright, invigorating scent with a warm sage heart that will catch you by surprise, and smitten your senses.

    In the shampoo bars no special or magical ingredient was added, but they work effectively against hair loss and sensitive scalp, precisely because they contain no artificial substances, such as parabens, surfactants, sulfates, perfumes and synthetic additives.

    To use, simply rub a few times into wet hair, massage into scalp, then spread out to the ends before rinsing well.  Take care to avoid eye contact.  An optional acid rinse, such as a splash of vinegar or lemon juice in water, will make hair feel soft and well conditioned without adding residue. Some people like to infuse apple cider vinegar with herbs or essential oils to make their hair rinse more fragrant. 

    To keep the bar around for a while, leave it out to dry on a self-draining soap dish away from splashes and humidity. If used and stored properly, it should last you for about 50 to 75 washes. That's equivalent to approximately 1 litre of liquid shampoo, which means a couple of plastic bottles out of circulation.


    Coconut oil:
    Rich in saturated fatty acids, it thoroughly nourishes and regenerates the hair.
    In our shampoo bar coconut oil is responsible for the cleansing effect
    and the production of the rich creamy foam.

    Olive oil:
    higher content of antioxidants and cornerstone of the "Mediterranean diet".
    Olive oil penetrates very slowly into the skin
    and has an antibacterial and healing effect on the scalp.

    Castor oil:
    The only important source of ricinoleic acid makes the hair very soft and shatterproof.
    In combination with coconut oil it contributes to the creation of the pleasant foam of our shampoo bar.

    Sunflower oil:
    It provides the hair with many different unsaturated fatty acids,
    such as linoleic acid and vitamins of groups A, D and E.
    Sunflower oil gives the hair a vital and healthy appearance.

    Cocoa butter:
    is considerably nourishing for scalp and hair.
    Thanks to its theobromine and polyphenol content,
    it has an important antioxidant effect and at the same time it easily stimulates the hair root.

    Shea butter:
    a true concentrate of nutrients and vitamins.
    In our shampoo bar it is present in generous quantities.
    Shea butter is excellent against dry hair and heals the irritated scalp.